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We provide DRM-free (1), Studio-Master (2) (high bit-rate) files only


The heart and soul of ROCRED PRODUCTION is all about capturing the live music experience.

Rocred Production used to engage in live music, music recording - on site or in studio, music mixing, mastering and publishing. We provided both recording services for studio and live recording.

Rocred - sprung from sheer enthusiasm and respect for music and musicianship.

                            - be a force for the artists

                            - capture the emotions of the music

                            - maximizing the experience for the audience

To give the audience the experience carried within the recorded music we care how and what is captured and created at the early stages in the recording process maintaining the inner emotions all the way including support for high dynamic range distribution, high bit rate music formats and what not...

                 We fully support:

                            - EBU R128 (ITU BS 1770-2, High Dynamic Range music distribution)

                            - TurnMeUp!
                            - High Bit-Rate (Studio Master) music distribution formats
                            - STIM
                            - SAMI
                            - NCB

Do You have unique music and would like to work with us? You need to convince us to have us do it.

Our promise is still to have your music and your artistic goal in focus!

(1) Digital Rights Management (DRM)

DRM is a paradigm to restrict the use of the music You buy. Rocred Records do not apply any DRM to the files we sell. The usual copyright and license rights still apply, but the music we sell is free to use on all your devices so that it can be appreciate as convenient as possible.

(2) Studio Master (high bit-rate)

Studio Master, or high bit-rate files preserv the music You buy in the highest possible quality. Most music is sold in 192 kbit/s or 256 kbit/s lossy compressionMP3, OGG or AAC etc.

Rocred Records offer music in loss-less 4.6 Mbit/s e.g. much higher quality than the standard music formats of today and the same as used in professional recording studios.

Links:            Linn Records (on music distribution formats)

                         Loudness Penalty Analyser (check your current mixes to see if your mixes are up to snuff)