Acoustic Project String Ensemble


We are proud to present The Acoustic Project String Ensemble, the Croatian string ensemble led by Dubravko Palanovic and concert master Marco Graziani featuring some extraordinary classical musicians.


The album just got a 4 (of 5) review from the Pizzicato magazine.



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The former Gothenburg based indie rock band Selsius chose to record their    last album with Rocred Records.  Recorded in the Scottish highlands the album displayes the bands epic soundscapes as well as what they are most know for, their fiery live performances. A last album to be proud of!



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Jonathan Carr


Jonathan Carr is a Scottish singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His debut album, “Porcelain Sky”, produced by Brent Hebert, and Brit Award-winner Pedro Ferreira features some of London’s finest session musicians

as well as musicians from Berklee, New York and LA, Glasgow philharmonia strings and horns from New York, Gospel choirs from both Sweden & LA.


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Acoustic Project String Ensemble


The Acoustic Project String Ensemble is a Croatian string ensemble led by Dubravko Palanovic and concert master Marco Graziani. The ensemble began as a new formation of the ensemble Acoustic Project and a collaboration between double bassist Dubravko Palanović and violinist Marco Graziani. In addition to a traditional or "standard" string orchestra repertoire, the ensemble strives to be innovative in their programs and performances; debuting new pieces by Croatian and international composers as well experimenting with different styles. The ensemble members are young but already established musicians, providing a strong interpretation as well as bringing invigorating energy to their projects. They perform regularly as soloists with many orchestras and on recitals, having won many prestigious awards.


Artistic director: Dubravko Palanović


Concert master: Marco Graziani




Ensemble:   First violins          Marco Graziani

                                                                   Katarina Kutnar

                                                                    Zvonimir Krpan

                                                                    Val Bakrač

                               Second violins    Davide Albanese

                                                                   Ivo Jukić

                                                                   Ankica Šoša Graziani

                               Violas                      Aleksandar Jakopanec

                                                                   Tvrtko Pavlin

                               Violoncellos        Zita Varga

                                                                   Oliver Đorđević

                               Double bass        Dubravko Palanović

                               Harpsichord       Linda Mravunac Fabijanić






The Studio Live - Album


Dubravko Palanović


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Album reviews:

Katarina Kutnar



The Acoustic Project String Ensemble performs a mix of classical and contemporary music with a strong emphasis on capturing the life and musical essence of each piece.  Their performance is warm, full of life and a coherence rarely captured in studio like conditions.


In the pursuit of creating a deeper connection with the performance, the album was recorded in long takes, with very few post recording edits. This approach inevitably leaves some minor flaws unattended, but we believe in maintaining as much as possible, the life and soul of the live experience in favour of a "perfect" sounding, but less vivid recording. The same care is taken during the whole process from recording set-up, mixing and final edits. It is our intention to preserve the emotional insight into the performance, resulting in a more insightful and enjoyable musical experience.




Studio Live - Track list


Luka Sorkočević, Symphony No.3                 Allegro                             2:13

                                                                                           Andante                          2:31

                                                                                           Presto                               1:51


Johann Sebastian Bach, BWV 1043            Vivace                               3:55

Solists  Marco Graziani                                       Largo                                  7:02

                 Katarina Kutnar                                      Allegro                              4:58


Edvard Grieg, Holberg Suite, Op.40            Prelude                             2:49

                                                                                           Sarabande                       3:50

                                                                                           Gavotte & Musette    3:37

                                                                                           Air                                        5:14

                                                                                           Rigaudon                          3:14


Dubravko Palanović                                             Towards The Stars       7:29


                                                                                                              Total time   48:43


The album was recorded on 6/6-7/6 2018

in Župa Uzvišenja Svetog Križa, Zagreb



Studio Live on Tidal


Marco Graziani


Studio Live (Revisited) On Spotfy





Hailing from the Swedish city of Gothenburg has helped shape Selsius’s atmospheric indie rock sound. The guys have already been compared to the likes of Sigur Ros and Arcade Fire due to their fiery live performances and epic soundscapes but Selsius have a freshness to what they do that makes them stand out from the crowd. The band have just finished their final album, recorded in the Scottish highlands, drifting off like the concept albums of old.


Selsius are:


Jakob Hjulström: Vocals & Guitar

Patrik Hedemo: Guitar & Vocals

Algoth Björkman: Bass Guitar & Vocals

Tobias Ljungman: Drums & Vocals


Selsius last studio album 'First, Do No Harm' was released 2016 and this is the only video from the album



Fortunately Selsius did a memorable "almost un-plugged" live

concert at Music Makes, December 2014. We where lucky to

have the performance recorded. Here are two videos with music from this memorable night.



First, Do No Harm on Tidal



First, Do No Harm on Spotify


Jonathan Carr


Jonathan Carr is a Scottish singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist now based in London. Raised in a musical family, he decided against a law degree when he received a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Jonathan made a name for himself on the East Coast, recording with John Mayer, working with the Timbaland´s production team...


Jonathan recorded his debut album, “Porcelain Sky” for Rocred Records. The album is produced by New Yorker, Brent Hebert, and Brit Award-winner Pedro Ferreira (David Gray, The Darkness, Stereophonics). Featureing some of London’s finest session musicians as well as musicians from Berklee, New York and LA, strings performed by the Glasgow philharmonia and horns recorded in New York, with Gospel choirs from both Sweden & LA.




In the video to the left Jonathan performs the song from the collaboration between him and John Mayer.


Porcelain Sky on Tidal



With an urge to express himself more creatively and get back to songwriting, Jonathan moved to London. He wrote the 2014 Commonwealth Games anthem featuring members of Franz Ferdinand, The Vaccines and Frightened Rabbit.


Porcelain Sky on Spotfy