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Shop DRM-free (1), Studio-Master (2) (high bit-rate) files only from the Rocred Shop


(1) Digital Rights Management (DRM)

DRM is a paradigm to restrict the use of the music You buy. Rocred Records do not apply any DRM to the files we sell. The usual copyright and license rights still apply, but the music we sell is free to use on all your devices so that it can be appreciate as convenient as possible.

(2) Studio Master (high bit-rate)

Studio Master, or high bit-rate files preserv the music You buy in the highest possible quality. Most music is sold in 192 kbit/s or 256 kbit/s lossy compressionMP3, OGG or AAC etc.

Rocred Records offer music in loss-less 4.6 Mbit/s e.g. much higher quality than the standard music formats of today and the same as used in professional recording studios.

Links: Linn Records (on music distribution formats)

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